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Monash University

2015 - CURRENT

Bachelor of Computer Science
Melbourne, Australia


Orion Health

2014 - 2015

Software Engineering Intern
I was selected to take on an Internship position at Orion Health the summer before I started at University. I was placed on a team who were responsible for the creation and deployment of a project called xBDD. xBDD is a system that handles automated and manual testing of many of Orion's products. The project is now open source and can be viewed on GitHub
Auckland, New Zealand

Flash Maths NZ

2014 - CURRENT

Solo Web Developer (Personal Project)
This was a pet project that ended up being commissioned into something more serious. The basic idea was random maths questions that tested a child's basic mathematical abilities. This grew into a live multiplayer "Flash Maths" game and has now grown to a much larger codebase, with a variety of games including a live Mathex timer. It is currently being used in multiple schools.
All over the place

Macleans College

2012 - 2015

Web Development Contractor
Here I designed and implemented a "Daily Notices" system that integrated perfectly into their existing SSO set up. It allows teachers to add, edit and delete notices and allows students to view them. Also in early 2015 I was contracted to make a system so that teachers could obtain feedback from students via an online form. For this I made a system that integrated deeply for the Google Drive APIs and so far it has been a massive success.
Auckland, New Zealand

Orion Health

2015 - 2016

Software Engineering Intern
I was invited back to Orion Health for a second internship at the end of my first year at University. This time around I was put with a team working on React base web components. It was my first time using React but now I can't imagine a world without it. Nearer the end of my time there I was placed on a team working on an Electron based desktop application. I already had some experience with Electron so my experience with that team was great.
Auckland, New Zealand


2016 - CURRENT

Software Engineering Intern
Sydney, Australia

Open Source

A desktop player for Google Play Music
After waiting patiently for Google to release their own desktop player for Play Music I couldn't wait any more so I designed the simplest one I could. This project is based on the Electron framework for cross platform desktop applications. It currently has over 50,000 downloads and is growing every day.


2015 - CURRENT

Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
Mostly thanks to the success of GPMDP I started contributing to the Electron project in early 2015, in July 2015 I was invited into the Electron Org on GitHub and continued supporting, improving and fixing Electron. Since then I have implemented a touch bar API, created a brand new build tool and helped out as many people as I can in the Electron Community. Electron is a new-found passion of mine and I hope to keep developing awesome things with it for a long time.

Past Projects

What have I worked on that looks epic

Flash Maths

An interactive maths learning assistant for kids struggling for basic facts. Designed and built by me, built on top of the PHP Slimframework and Bootstrap

Google Play Music Player

A windows executable that embeds the Google Play Music web interface while adding support for media hotkeys and notification media control. The GitHub releases have tens of thousands of downloads and it is entirely open source. Written in Javascript (ES6) and uses the Electron framework

Feedback Form Creator

This system helps teachers obtain feedback from students via an online form. It integrates deeply with Google Drive APIs and is built on top of the same SSO integration framework as the Daily Notices.

School Survival Guide

Work in Progress
This is a project that I am currently working on in my spare time, the idea is to provide a place for high school students to ask questions and receive answers from their peers. The main goal of this project was too integrate into as many social media platforms as possible including Facebook, Google and Twitter.


Use Cukes for your automated and manual testing! This was the project that I worked on while at Orion Health that has since been open sourced. I am still a regular contributor to the repository.

Daily Notices

An web based notices system with SSO integration. Designed to meet Google Material Design standards and is compatible with all modern web browsers


OpenLog helps you track down client side javascript errors that you can never seem to replicate on your machine. Now errors and stack traces that happen on any machine will be readily available to you. Using one JS file on your website and a simple node app on your server you can collect client side logs for anyone accessing your site.